Collection: M O M M Y + M E COLLECTION

 The Mommy and Me collection is a declaration of who you and your daughter are, and the life you share.  Our handmade bracelets will serve as a reminder of the love and fullness you'll experience on your journey together. Our heart behind this collection is to walk with you in your identity and the intentionality of passing down the bracelets for generations to come.

 Handmade by SWP, with you in mind.

Start a tradition with our new bracelet sets! These pieces of jewelry will be a reminder of the love passed down from generation to generation. Knowing who you are and sharing that with your children is what Mommy and Me is all about. 


>> Even though some days you may feel undervalued, there is an unspoken love within a family.  You have a purpose.  Declare over yourself - There is a grace that picks me up in my lowest moments.  I will not fear what tomorrow may bring, because there is One who sees me and guides my steps.  My children are forever covered because I trust in the Lord.  I have the power and authority to declare order and peace in my life.  There is no mountain I can’t climb, no valley that is too wide.  I am filled with strength and have everything I need as a mother and woman to be all God created me to be.


>> Each bracelet from our Mommy & Me Collection comes with a declaration card intended to speak over you and your child.  When the bracelets are ready to passed down to the next generation, the declaration card will be passed down as well, declaring the same promises and truths of who they are.