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Stacked With Purpose

Silicone Straw Covers

Silicone Straw Covers

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Fun and easy to use, these silicone drinking straw caps are the perfect way to protect your straws! With a diameter of 0.31 inches, they fit 6-8mm glass, disposable and stainless steel straws and can be easily removed when drinking. Durable, non-toxic and reusable - just rinse them off and they’re ready to use again and again!


standard size 7.25

If you would like to have a different size, please send us an email at

Care information

Visit how to care for your SWP bracelets.

 How to Care for your Stacked With Purpose Bracelets.

•Avoid excessive water exposure. 

•Gently roll your bracelets on and off for longer lasting we are.

• Try to avoid unnecessary stretching;  repeated stretching, may cause Band to weaken and can break.

•Use jewelry bag or case to store your pieces.


Reminders to remember:

   Due to natural oils of your skin, chemicals and air moisture, any fashion jewelry that are not solid gold will eventually fade over time. 

 For more tips, please visit our website

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